Thursday, February 14, 2013

Neither Jick Nor Jall

Holds my hands in a firm grip of the chair. I've promised Marg, I'll post my stuff here to but NO prattle, ONLY outfits! If you wish to know what this is about, you'll have to visit my personal blog.

Anyway, I think I can tell you that the Jack OR Jill Hunt is on us again, the hunt where gals and guys have separate paths down the stores.

Neither Jick nor Jill

*Groans* This is torture! Here is a outfit... *Sinks under my chair, stuffing my fingers in my mouth to stop the prattle pouring out*

For the JOJ Hunt, use the official hunt page with hints for SLURLS, the other links will be given below.

Top: Hoodie Tee, #11 JOJ Hunt,  fem path, HolliPocket. Comes with appliers.
Shorts: Cali Cutie Shorts, #13 JOJ Hunt, fem path, Sassy! Mesh.
Glasses: Lolita Eyeglasses, #17 JOJ Hunt, fem path, Blow-Up. Mesh.
Bulge: Mesh Bulge, Aaralyn's Evil Creations. From last Femboy Hunt. Not available now.
Eyes: Wolven Eyes (Demon), part of #9 Fantasy Hunt, By Snow.
Eyeshadow: Liz, Mock Cosmetics. Preview of set soon to be released... a beaut! Thank you, Mockie!
Seemingly Radio-Active Lolly: Miss Murder Lolly Pop, Alissa Firecaster, MP dollarbie.
Pose: Rita, Ciss' Poses (yup, my own), present round at The Retreat.

Cute eh? Well, that's it for this time. On my hunting, I got together a couple of other barely clad avs of different species. You'll meet them in the next post. In the meantime, take care and have fun!
Jeezzzz... Marg... WHAT exactly was it I promised?

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