Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Siren's Kiss

Ehmmm... This will get you thinking... it made me for sure. I don't know if this happened or if I've just woken up from some dream. I'm sort of just standing here blinking in disbelief. A magic moment that might or might not have happened... but I have the photo to prove it, don't I?

Mermaid 1

I'll leave you in peace for a minute to 'read', no words needed.

Mermaid 2

However, you wake up from dreams and the everyday takes over. Blogging is no different sooo... here are the credits ^^

Ladies first... Indigo:

Hair: Windblown 2, Emo-tions
Tail: Taliesins Black Magic Latex, Affinity Boutique, marketplace only. Mesh
Eye Makeup: Liz ShadowMock Cosmetics
Top: Aruba Top, Boom
Jewellery: Amorous Nadir Collar, Aubade Rings and Bangled Bangles from Amorous
Tattoo: Kali Durga, Garden of Ku, special on marketplace.


Hat, sun glasses: From Zebra Fashion Mesh OutfitPure Poison DesignsThe Retreat
Eyes: Horizon Eyes, IKON
Eye makeup: Glitter Eye Purple, Dulce Secrets.
Lips: Shiraz Lip Jelle, Mock Cosmetics.
Tattoo: Fetish Queen, Little Pricks/Skin Deep. Camping item.
Tank: Toro Military, Toromarketplace
Brooch: The Start of Captain, MiWardrobe, JOJ Hunt... sort of over, isn't it?
Skirt (yup, a skirt): Lilith Outfit, CandyMetal. REALLY juicy dollarbiemarketplace
Belt: Kookai Belt, Mandala. Blogged umteeen times.
Nets: From Zebra Fashion Mesh Outfit, Pure Poison Designs, The Retreat
Gloves: Ferocious - Jackal, Davinel
Boots: Jump Boots, Deco. Mesh.

The magical pose set: Siren's Kiss, WetCat

I'm sort of humbled in this post. Look below at my fantastic partner in crime produced. If you want perfection, look at Indigo's photos on her photo stream and simply die o.0 Imagine what she did with the pose on the rock... Do I feel an amateur or do I feel an amateur hahahahahahaha


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