Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Who's Your Flame?

So who is it? You know, for Valentines Day and all...
Who's Your Flame?
I don't do SL love/relationships, I do however do SL fashion, and this Valentines Day I'm shacking up with Dirty Little Secret and their Poofy Party Dress (mesh). I love the way it flounces above the knee, and the pretty pink leaves me feeling full of love. The Kainus II boots in rose from Loordes of London just happen to coordinate absolutely perfectly with this dress. And the slouchy socks are so much fun; giving the ensemble a fun and quirky look!
Who's Your Flame?
The flaming Auburn Cheryl hair from Tameless simply lights up my day! From the sweet bangs to the long cascading waves, it has a lovely little retro feel. It's available in naturals, fantasy colors and even fades. Her creamy fair skin is the current gift at Al Vulo. Alyss in Wonderland is so very pretty with her parted lips, rosy blushed cheeks and pale blue eye shadow. This entire look brightens up my sweet Pyrrhic and makes her the perfect flame for me on V-Day in SL.

Happy Valentines Day Darlings!
Much Love ~ Pyrrhic

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