Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birds of a Feather

Feathers have a way of adding regal elegance and dramatic flare to anything they are added to. Especially when used in Haute Couture the effects can be quite stunning.

One such example is the Jen The Hen by Eshi Otawara ($1000L) Gorgeous gown with lots of beautiful flowing feathers in the skirt, the black bodice with sweet flower pattern also comes with feather head piece. It moves so gracefully and it commands everyone's attention.

Not much can rival the majesty of the peacock feather, Queen Mayur Grandeur ( $880L) by My Precious features this famous feather but in black. In high contrast with the white silk like base of the gown and fantastic train, this new take on a much loved feather appeals to my inner sense of sophistication. If the long train is a bit much for your uses but you love this gown you are in luck. It also comes in shorter Mayur gown($680L) that I featured in earlier post .. check that out here. Each gown is available separately or as a combo($1480L)

Also featured in that post was the awesome Mayur matching jewelry made for this special gown by my fave sl jeweler Alienbear. As there is a more grand version of the gown only natural that she would step up with something very special to go with this version too. For this offering she has the stunning Alienbear's (Mayur forehead tiara (black)) (Prices start at 400L) . Also playing off the black peacock feathers it is the perfect compliment for this very special gown.

Thanks to our feathered friends for being the inspiration for such great design. Although we cannot fly these designs can make you feel a little closer to heaven.

Skin: MangoMango previous gift
Hair: Maitreya

All pics taken at Pixel Dreams look more info on this place and others in upcoming post on The Misadventures of Margaux Dufaux

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