Friday, May 21, 2010

.::: I CE COCO :::. new group gift

Are you the girl next door type? Just tired of your avi being completely made up? Ready for a lovely natural skin? Well join the .::: I CE COCO :::. group free and grab this gift from notices. Leona just made a lovely new skin called Scarlett natural, comes with and with out freckles.

Look how fresh and lovely it is. I personally like the freckles, but I know they aren't for everyone. And I LOVE the eyebrows, being a blond it's hard to find nice light eyebrows that look this great!

Leona said she wanted this skin to look super natural, not like a doll from SL. Well it looks like she accomplished her goal. Way to go Leona. This is a group gift only, so search in groups or join from my profile. You can also visit .::: I CE COCO :::. in world for two cute 1L skins, Doudi gift 2 and Adriana skin.5.

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