Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ela Designs, LOW sale, May 2nd - 8th

Fun, Flirty, Fantastic jewels from Ela Designs for the LOW sale this week! Starting midnight Saturday/Sunday you can get this great accessory set for only 200L, that's half off the original price...what an awesome deal! It's called "Lara, Zest for Life", and it sure gives you a zest for life when you wear it. My mood immediately perked up when I tried it on and got a good look at all the detailing of each piece. The earrings have multiple black & silver squares of different sizes, and the top square has chains dangling that move as you move. The bracelet is made up of multiple black squares woven together with silver chains, the front three panels having chains and beads going down the squares with cute charms hanging at the end...a star, a heart, and an ankh. The belt is made in the same style as the bracelet with just one band of squares going around your waist and multiple chains hanging in front with the same charms. The bracelet and belt have a resize script which is very easy to use, and the earrings are mod so you can adjust them how you want them.

It can be hard to find belts that match your jewelry, so I just love it when designers make matching sets like this. But the best part is when they offer them at amazing prices like you have here. *grins widely* This set is definitely getting packed in my "Paris bag" for my Rez Day trip this month. *wiggles her butt* But I'll have to pack it the night before, I know I'm going to be wearing it a lot before then...LOL This is the kind of accessories you can wear with almost anything...from jeans, to shorts, to a dress, and even to jazz up a bikini. Just look how great it goes with this sexy blue dress I'm wearing.

So get your bootys over to Ela Designs and pick up this great set, you can thank me later. *giggles*

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