Friday, May 7, 2010

Kabuki Creations, 60L sale, 8/9 May

Romance abounds at Kabuki Creations, always. But this weekend you can get two very romantic animated poses for just 60L each...who knew romance could be so cheap, I mean inexpensive. *laughs*

Isn't this "Remember Me" pose just adorable? Sit face to face with your lover, your legs over top of his as you gaze into each other's eyes, your left hand moving slowly over his strong chest, your right hand moving over his left hand as he sweetly caresses the side of your face, his other hand warm against your side, the look in his eyes giving you butterflies deep in your stomach. Mmmmm, isn't it hot to be able to stare into someone's eyes and know just from the look on their face how much you mean to them?

Now get ready to snuggle down for a bit more romance with the "Bed of Roses" pose. Your sweetie can relax against a very comfy pillow, one arm behind his head and one hand running through your hair as you snuggle against him, your cheek rubbing against his gently moving stomach as your fingers caress his side, your legs swinging slowly as you press your face against him, listening to the soft sounds of his heart beat. Isn't this just one of the sweetest ways to show your love?

As with all of Naku's poses, Don't miss Kabuki Creations this weekend, romance never goes out of style and has never been so affordable.


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