Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kabuki Creations, 22/23 May 60L sale

Here's two more wonderful poses for you from Kabuki Creations for the 60L sale. You can get "Baby I Love You" and snuggle up next to your honey, feeling the warmth and love radiating from them as they feel the same from you. Press as close as you can against them, your thighs tight as you move your leg over theirs, their arms around you holding you close as your hand presses against their other thigh. This is a super sweet cuddle pose you can use anywhere, it shows your love with out being offensive to others. It comes with this awesome pumpkin, but you can also use the pose with out it.

Also on sale for 60L is Naku's "Stay" pose. Snuggle up against your lover's back as they lay on their belly, the full length of your body pressed against theirs, your arms wrapped around their chest, your fingers playing along their skin as you move against them, placing soft kisses against the sensitive skin at the back of their neck and shoulders, you feel them shiver with desire and you can't stop your own leg from moving up and down as your need grows.

I talked my sexy friend Kipp into going on a little hike with me. He was thrilled when we came to this beautiful waterfall in the middle of the woods. As he was checking out the area I quickly stripped out of my clothes and jumped into the water in my sexy bathing suit. He was speechless as I swam over to the falls and let the water cascade over me, droplets dripping from my skin and sparkling in the sun. I winked and told him to grab a suit from my bag. (This gorgeous waterfall can also be found at Kabuki.)

After we played in the water for a while, Kipp decided to warm his mouth watering body in the sun while I sat on a rock and dried my hair. The sight of him laying there got the better of me and I couldn't help moving up behind him and laying down. I could hear soft moans escaping his lips as I moved against him, his sun warmed skin sending jolts of electricity through my own body.

*coughs* After we let the sun warm us both, Kipp pulled me down to sit next to him on a rock. He held me very close as the thanked me for a wonderful day with plenty of exercise *winks* and relaxation.

Mmmm, now I ask you, what better way is there to spend the day? Better get over to Kabuki Creations this weekend so you can create your own special memories with these awesome poses.

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