Friday, July 30, 2010

Burroughs Jewelry

Burroughs Jewelry

So happy to have met Antoine Burroughs today, talented, kind and modest man/woman *giggles* I did ask which one but still not sure but eh it doesn't matter ;-) The shop is gorgeous and stylish, the jewelry is gorgeous and the freebies are generous... look around! Here is the Burroughs website for a sneak preview.

Oh and what I LOVE about the jewelry is the hud, you can match everything to anything and change the colour of gems, pearls, metal etc. It's just brilliant and easy to use. Thank you, Antoine *smiles*

Necklace: Sunara @
Burroughs (Free on poster opposite the lucky chairs)
Bracelet: Gianna @
Burroughs (Free lucky chair prize)
Frick (L$99 I think, great shop and so cheap!)
Hair: Akane @
D!va (Free Group gift)
Belleza (not free)

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