Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Its my Party...and I'll Cry if I want tooooo....

Today is my RL Birthdayyyyy!!!
I felt like rocking out in SL on my big day! HAHA!

Envy Designs has a new Group Gifty up!
So I grabbed it up on my birthday and rocked out on my Glitterati Guitar!
Spikey Hair from Black Maria - Free!
Skin from MM board at Envy Designs!
The outfit is called Fusion and can be found on the back wall!
All accessories included with outfit!
Ahhhhh after a long day of rocking out I will probably take a dip in the pool!
The Fusion Outfit can also be worn as rocking swimwear!!

Have a great day everyone!!!! ❤•❤Teena

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