Monday, July 12, 2010

Red Queen + Fascino

Red Queen has just released new skin and has set out a " red hot" group gift ;-) Join fee is only 50L. Don't forget to tp to the hair departement and pick up the hair gifts as well ! (for both men and women)

red queen 2

Red Queen offers a style all her own, tres edgy and deeply sexy.

red queen 1

She also offers a 2.0 makeup line that gives you the chance to change your look without the added expense of buying another skin. (yay ! Thank you) I'll bring another vision with the skin in an upcomming post :) Something a little more fierce.

The looks she creates are simply.. well, for lack of another word.. awesome. Loves what she does with the eyes.. I'm a sucker for a dark, mysterious eye.

[rQ] Bronze @TYPE.05-L.05

Hair Black : Fascino (50L sale)
Hair White : Red Queen Angst (great for male or female btw!) not free

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