Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hunt Gifty and Skin Gifty!!

Hi Everybody :) Got some great gifties I wanna show ya!
Envy Designs is giving away great gifts this month!
One includes this gorgeous Skin called Firefly! Its from the Adore Skinline at Envy designs and can be found for 0L in the skin department for a limited time!!
those sparkly freckles!
Envy Designs is also taking part in the Unknown Hunt! This very sexy Karma dress can be found inside the prize! You're looking for Brown Feathery Angel Wings! (Hint: Dont Tickle my Feetsies)
I love the sexy back on this dress!! And green isnt usually my favorite color but I loved this with my Maria Hair in Cynical Black!

Thankyou to Catherine for letting me use her cool Photo Studio Equipment!
Wow does it make a difference :) She's the best!

Enjoy! ❤•❤Teena

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catherine said...

Great post !!!!
Soooo glad to have you on the team. :)