Monday, July 19, 2010

[M&K] Hidden Treasures Tarantula hair - #7 Crazy Arse Hair Hunt 2


I fell in love with this very dramatic hair; it's #7 of the CAHH2 (Crazy Arse Hair Hunt 2), go grab it now at [M&K] Hidden Treasures.

Pose : JaneDark's CWS Studio(Public Studio, thanks JaneDark!)
Skin :
Eretika (Lucky chair)
Outfit :
Chaospire (Not free but so worth it!)
Tattoos :
Apocalyptica (Lucky chair)

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Shangreloo said...

Thanks for posting our hunt hairstyle, Clair! I'm so glad you're enjoying the CAHH2 hunt which lets us, as designers, go just a little wild.