Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ema's Secret + LoQ + Swansong + Belleza

New from Ema's Secret : Kitina Top... 5 colors available, each color can be worn two different ways.  I love when this happens... makes the purchase more versatile.
Hair : Group gift from LoQ (4 color pack)  I'm not sure if this was sent out only once or if it is still in the notices within the subscribe, but I logged in this morning and.. YAY !!  Free

Skin : Belleza group gift (250L fee, but so worth it !)
Jeans : Swansong...  they are presently having a 50% off sale.. it is time to stock up !! 

Ema's Secret + LoQ + Swansong + Belleza

Above : version with sculpted top
Below : second version without sculpted top

I love the black knitted texture on this top !!!!!!
Ema's Secret + LoQ + Swansong + Belleza

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