Thursday, January 27, 2011

Multiple tattoo layers & Gogo's blog

I'd like to talk multiple tattoo layers and great blogs. They sort of merge tonight, in my snapshot here below, which I've taken in Viewer 2. I popped a valium afterwards, I think I'm fine now, thanks.

1- Multi tattoo layers & viewers

I LOVE multiple tattoo layers, 1 for lashes, 1 for gloss, 1 for eyeshadow etc BUT you can only use that feature if you're on Viewer 2 or Kirstens (I'm on Emergence, derived from Emerald so I can't do that). Both V2 and Kirstens I hate, they're not user friendly in the slightest and lack all the essential gimmicks I got used to in Emerald (radar etc).

So I looked into it, the Imprudence viewer is expecting to release their V2 equivalent very soon, it will be called the Kokua viewer. The main developper Jacek Antonelli was offline, so I couldn't check the exact date.

I then spoke with Ed Merryman, head of support at the Phoenix viewer (derived from Emerald too) and he said that the experimental version of their V2 equivalent, the Firestorm viewer, was coming out very soon, maybe on Monday or during next week! (I popped another valium to calm down)
I have so many friends waiting to have a decent viewer with multi tattoo layers, (Teena, are you excited?) when I tell them the news, they'll be popping pills too.

2- Gogo's blog

I LOVE Gogo's blog, Juicybomb (Juicy Littlething inworld), I read it to relax, it's always interesting, entertaining and sometimes scandalously honest, which I value. She's a great photographer, and always honest when reviewing products. So when I saw her Rainbow eyeshadow review earlier, I wanted to recreate my own and credit her. Thanks Gogo, you're my favourite blogger, I love reading about your adventures.

My fave posts are:
- The Stiletto Moody
- The Vagina review
- The ban from Exodi

Rainbow layers

I'm wearing my lovely Nellie Laq skin, with Iris Ophelia eyelashes, Iris Ophelia lipgloss, Kuro Usagi's kiss tattoo (old Japanese gift) and Chelle's Rainbow eyeshadow, FREE group gift! Eyes are from Ibanez, FREE group gift (I don't wear any others, thanks Elfie for the tip) and hair from Ohmai.


Anonymous said...

I finally took the plunge and forced myself to start using viewer2 -- albeit the Catznip build that has RLV and a few other goodies. As you've show the multiple layers option offers so many possibilities.

The radar does exist in v2 as the base "nearby" tab, but you have to extend the range under the debug menu to make it functional. All I cna say on the viewer 2 is old habits are hard to break, but once you force yourself to look at it with a fresh mind, you realize one major thing -- it's fast. Super fast compared to 1.23 based viewers. It's been a month since i've seen a gray body, even at the busiest of SIMs. For that reason, layers and others, I continue to keep at it. Try Catznip. You might like it :)

Teena Tomorrow said...

Yay!! Yes Im definitely excited Claire!! Thanks for the awesome post!

✰ Claire ✰ said...

Thanks Teena and yes, it's exciting :)

To 'Anonymous' poster, shame you are anonymous lol we could have talked about it... but I still hate Viewer 2, as I told a friend last night, why would you eat soup with a fork when you have a spoon. But eh, let's carry on this conversation inworld if you want to IM me with your name *smiles*