Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sneaky vs Swafette!

Yes I'm still lurking and despite having a pile of photos I should blog I decided to post this brand new one instead. As any fashion conscious chap on the grid knows today saw the start of the MENstuff hunt. Well, yesterday did but they started it when I was fast asleep so today saw the start of it for me.

In group chat the delightful Swafette Firefly of SF Designs said the hunt couldn't be too hard as people had visited her at store 95 already! When I pointed out that some folks jumped about to favourite shops I was called sneaky! My indigination knew no bounds and as I sat by my computer in the brand new Virginian outfit I had just grabbed from her store I crossed my arms and sulked. I sulked so hard my 'net connection crashed and I gave up visiting more of my favourites until my ISP can keep me online for more than 3 minutes at a time.

SF Designs - Virginian

But if you wonder where the man in your life is over the next few days (or month) - check the MENstuff hunt. Or better yet, check SF Designs. And as a side note they have new Indiana pants at a very reasonable 130L (Claire has some photos of me in them pending) - I ignored their style card and got some boots from Kalnin that went well with them, and I have to say they go well with the Virginian outfit too.


swaffette Firefly said...

anyone tell you , you look cute when you sulk :P lol
ty Flash :)

Flash said...

Cute? You mean that's why people try to make me sulk so much? That's it, I'm sulking now - that'll show you all!

Lyrilen said...

Down right adorable. And I've seen the pants - scrumptious.