Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Grabbing some from here, from there...

Hello! Today I went to a couple of stores and grabbed all the freebies and cheapies I could lol! j/k never is enough! So here they are, hope you like them:


Both skirts are from Pesca, the Black one is the FREE opening gift and the floral one is on the LB also for FREE(no group tag needed)

The ruffly one shoulder white top is from the outlet of
Cupcakes (was FREE when I went, dunno if it's still free), the tiger print black one is from NirSar and it's a DOLLARBIE (comes in four colors, it looks yummy)


At NirSar you can only grab this DOLLARBIE called Browny me outfit, or you can match the skirt with the FREE SOM gift from MDL as in the second photo (it's a camisole but I used it without the long parts, to make it look like a shirt with a jacket on)

And last but no least here's a FREE floral dress from
HNFactory Petit, other freebies at the store as well.


Oh! I almost forgot to mentiont that the hair of the photos is from
!Lamb and it only cost 30L!!! (For a 4color pack, 150L for the whole fatpack), there's also another hairstyle for that price).

That's all by now, hugs!!

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