Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jar of Love Hugs ! - Extend a Helping Hand

Extend a Helping Hand is an event created to raise money for the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal, to assist those who have been affected by the massive flooding which has swept across Queensland, Australia.

I try and help out when I can...  every little bit helps. I'm not made of lindens... but I try and spread it around a bit for all the great causes on the grid. I picked up this Jar of Love Hugs for only 50L and helps out a great cause.  From A.D.D Andel!

Extend a Helping Hand - A.D.D Andel!

Please dig deep into your pockets for this event. Dozens of creators have banded together to produce beautiful items which donate either partial or full proceeds to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal, which is the charity set up to assist the victims of this flooding.

You can join the Extend a Helping Hand Subscription Group to keep updated for the duration of the event, and to receive notifications when vendors release new donation items.

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