Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dutchie's Weighing scales

Too much curry

Back from a long weekend in the lovely North-East of England. Butter chicken curries, authentic fish and chips, 'lemon top' ice creams, YUM! Time to weigh myself... Come on Claire, hop on it... *reads result with fear*
[6:11] Dutchie scale: Claire Soderstroms height: 1.972678 cm
[6:11] Dutchie scale: Claire Soderstroms weight: 58.122510 kg
[6:11] Dutchie scale: BMI: 18.260240. You are to thin.
I LOVE SL, don't you? *winks* I love the fantastic free gadgets even more :-)

Dutchie scales: FREE subscriber's gift. It tells you weight, height and BMI.
Thanks, Froukje, I love your
blog too. And thanks to my friend Joop, I had to weigh myself in his bathroom as I don't have one. Dank je schat.

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