Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ray Skin

Ray Skin is a place I have been meaning to post for the longest. Soooooo many goodies here too many to list. There are clothes and other neat things like hair and poses. Also lucky boards all over the store and even one whole wall of them. This place is well suited if you need something for a younger avi, but many of the things can be adjusted to work for grown folks too. Be sure to go and check it out and be prepared to leave with many awesome gifts.

Something new I found on this trip was this adorable Garden set. It comes with all that you see here. Sweet crocheted babydoll vest with laces with a bikini top so that you don't show too much. Beautiful flowing maxi skirt with petticoat and cute little flower scene on the front. Clunky Eco belt with sweet heart-shaped link chain accents. It even comes with this great hat hair, big straw hat adorned with pretty flowers, strawberries and even pear-shaped diamond charm, on top of hair that has been pulled into 2 small buns and soft tendrils falling all around the face. As if that were not enough it comes also with this supa backpack!!! How cute. This complete outfit will set you back 1 whole linden.

Here I am showing it with the Jessica skin by Apple May. This brand new skin line was just released and, is now on sale. So you can see how great it is, there is this wonderful 10L gift skin that comes in all the skin tones with nice neutral make up. Perfect with this natural kinda look.

Enjoy these great goodies and thanks to the awesome designers that are so good to us!! See you in the sun

Marg xxx

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