Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sad flower and runny mascara

Sad flower and runny mascara 1

What a week *sighs* I bought the wrong hair (which is very lovely actually and got a full refund from designer, how amazing is that? Thank you Anywa). I cried so much my mascara was running all over the place! I needed more mascara alpha layers, as you do, thank you Iris! Then I was given this gorgeous dress called 'La Fleur Triste' (the Sad Flower), thank you ColeMarie *sniffs but smiles at the great stuff I collected* I sincerely hope I recover from all this drama ;-)

Close up of the skin and mascara:
Sad flower and runny mascara 2

Hair: Yuki @ AY.LinE (L$100, she's got lots of group gifts in store)
Skin: Belladona @
MiaSnow (Free from Lucky board)
Mascara alpha layers from Iris Ophelia on
Xstreet (L$40 for 5 layers)
MiaSnow (MM board previously blogged)
Dress: La Fleur Triste @
Soleil (L$200, lots of goodies in store)

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