Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shoe Show by Marg Dufaux

I love shoes!!! I even have a rl thing for these little jewels, so I am excited whenever I can get my footwear fix . Thanks to these great designers there is a way to get some super awesome shoes without breaking the bank. Even though 30 Helens agree...

Maitreya- One of my all round favorite shops. Along with some other great stuff , there are some awesome shoes. Let me state for the record I recently hurt myself at the great 50% sale that is now over, but don't despair you can slap the subscribo and not only will you know the next time they have a great sale you will get this super awsome gift of classic pumps in 15 colors. You read that right!!! These are a classic staple of any lady's shoe collection. Here I show them in Fuchsia, but they have all the basic colors and you cannot live without these!!!

N-core- Also another great shoe maker showing the grid some love with their great group gifts. There were several things I could put up to post but I am showing these cute boots with legwarmers, great for the upcoming fall season. These boots as they are, make an awesome gift , but when you consider all the options that come with these boots like color change everything, soles, laces, lace eyelets and the legwarmers. Also have the option to wear then without the leg warmers. Be sure to get these for all your fall looks.

Shiny Things- These super cute Zimmy flats in faded denim are a great casual shoe when you don't want to wear sneakers and need something that is fun and cute. These babies are also a group gift. Join the subscribo or the update group and walk out with this awesome gift. There is also a discount room and some great boots, so be sure to have a look around. Worn here with cute cuff socks by BOOM

Stiletto Moody- Currently has out the Bare Lana Anniversary shoe for group members. Just join the group and get this sweet gift from one of the best virtual cobblers in sl. Not sure how much longer this will be out so be sure to swing by and pick up this little goody and check out the shop and see why these are some of the most sought after shoes in sl.

With all these great goodies for you feet, you are prepared to hit the streets in sl with your dogs riding in style!!!

See you around the grid


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Sileny said...

Donna Flora has some cute 1L shoes on the table in her store too, at least one pair maybe more \o/ Also some cute free ones form Truth and Shiny Things at the Gnubie store and some nice boots from Courtisane and skully pump from sn@tch at Enkythings if anyone is looking for more shoesies <3