Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I feel Pretty!!

I feel so pretty and how could I not when I can look like this all for less than 50L total.

Lets start with this yummy dress from Cupcakes, The Princess Dress totally lives up to its name with the soft color, classic strapless sweetheart neckline, and the rich but delicate accents setting it all off. It is well worth the 25L you have to spend to acquire this this sweet little gem. It is located in the cupcakes discount room and if you have not been before you are in for a real treat. An absolute must for a lady in sl on a budget. Awesome selection of regularly priced dresses that are really affordable too. Do check it out!!

Diamonds are universal and can make even the toughest girl feel like a princess. Not many do them better than Alienbear . You can get iced out in this lovely 2006 alienbear Design 10L diamond set for a cool 10L it also comes with an extra set of earrings and a ring (not pictured). This set is only 10L and is 4 years old but has all the great attention to detail that I have come to love about her jewelry. When you get there right inside the door there is an entire array of some great jewelry and gifts from 0L-20L. This stuff is so nice I wore one of these sets on my wedding day!! She also has lucky chairs inside the store and a members only selection of gifted jewelry. Have a look around and prepare to be amazed.

Tying this princess glam look together this classic upswept *DarkerSide* Vintage hair shown here in black with beautiful color change flower only 1L at Savoir Hair and Brigitte - The Wildest 2 (Group Gift) skin from RazzaNova. This lovely tan skin with great dewy makeup is free but it cost a measly 2L to join the group that gifts awesome skins regularly. Be sure to pick up the other great gifts while you are there.

Go girl!!! Get your glam on and see you around the grid !!! Mxx

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