Friday, May 6, 2011

10L Heaven at -SG-!

Oh My God...I have died and went to 10L heaven! But it's sad also because -SG- is closing for this to happen. So maybe I haven't quite reached heaven. *smiles* EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, at SG is 10L until they close. Now I just found out about this today or I would have blogged it sooner. Unfortunately it was announced on April 25th and said it will only be for 2 weeks...that takes us to May 9th. So HURRY in to grab these deals and show the owners of SG they will be missed.

~I'm only showing you girl clothes here, but there IS a guy section!!! Also accessories and skins.~

I could have spent all day mix matching and taking pics, and I haven't covered half of it here, but if I did that I'd never get this posted for you Here are some teaser pics.

SG 1SG 2
SG 3SG 4
SG 5SG 6
SG 7SG 8

There are many styles, colors, and different ways to wear most of these clothes. Again, if I tried to show them all I'd be here forever. *laughs*
Now get your cute booties in to -SG- NOW!

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