Wednesday, May 18, 2011

0L Flashette!

Early this morning the girls over at Eclectic Equations started talking about building (good) male avatars for 0L which was possibly designed just to goad me in many ways. And a friendly contest was started - make an (good) avatar of the opposite sex for 0L and post it to the Flickr group (although I notice none of the EE girls have posted anything yet, it's just Paco Pooley and myself at the time of writing, I think they're scared). Debate ensued as to whether or not prizes that probably won't be there tomorrow count or not; they say yes, I say Pfft! If I blog something I want people to stand a chance of getting it. I ruled out camping chairs for the time involved too. So this is the story of my country cousin Flashette coming into town for the day.

Where to start? Well every girl needs a shape and skin obviously. Thanks to the Skate N Surf Hunt I knew I could grab a couple of quick and easy gifts there, heading to CS Shapes to grab Lana and then wrapping my new curves in the Lisa [As I Am] skin from Furore (which came with prim lashes so I could really feel like an SL Woman). Rather amusingly I was still wandering in the wetsuit and hair from yesterday and I looked like a really cool punk girl, but I thought I should be a bit more typical so I made my way to a new store called Mikan and grabbed their opening gift, it comes in two shades and while I was very tempted with the cherry (it really is quite wonderful I must admit, but I was here to "blend") I opted for the Fudge Cappuccino (bonus points for appealing to my belly there Mikan!)

Eyes came next and again, kinda predictably I made my way to Poetic Colors for their free Moroccan Nights gift. Flashette is a bright eyed girl so the Bright shade was chosen. Talking of brightness, I'd forgotten Oracul released free AOs a short while ago and I pulled on an old faithful from Bright - the Bright Girl in fact. Given I was wearing a fairly old freebie AO I felt a bit awkward at first, but then I realised my walk was not far off most of the women in some very big stores. Stands are a bit weaker it's true, but when walking I shook my hips like a catwalk queen.

And with that, Flashette woke up into the world. Luckily she was wearing some unisex PJs from K2K Enterprises at the time as someone stuck a camera straight in her face. They're part of the Perfect Couple Hunt, but they were also in the Freebie section of the store along with a few shoes too. I'll be honest, they aren't great shoes, but they are free. Ideally I'd blitz the shoe fair for something better but I have a lag allergy so...

Flashette PJs

The Perfect Couple Hunt came to the rescue again as Flashette got dressed, with this bra and panties set from Carrie's Lingerie.

Flashette Undies

But obviously you'd get cold wandering around in that so she quickly put on a very nice dress from Condemned Designs called Lazy Sunday. Another Perfect Couple Hunt gift.

Flashette Dress

Flashette decided to top up her tan before a big night out so she went back to the Skate N Surf Hunt to find a suitable bikini; this one is called Island Wear and came from Naughty Naughty

Flashette Bikini

Despite being a good girl Flashette was a bit of a fan of Naughty Naughty actually, as she saw the Perfect Couple Hunt sign while there and found this rather swish gown, even if the name is a not very inspiring "Couple In Brown".

Flashette Gown

So there you have it, a female avatar for 0L and about 90 minutes or so of wandering around (it's hard to tell actual time since I was wandering around chatting with an old friend and helping them shop too!). Are there better female avatars out there? Of course, but Flashette was created from very little time and effort, and no money at all - no group joining fees, no random prizes, no waiting for midnight to get dressed. If she was sticking around I'm sure she'd be improved in various ways as the days went by, but remember those are just the outfits I blogged, she actually has a handful of bikinis, spaghetti strap tops, dresses... she has a wardrobe, she's not just a one off photo. I'm quite proud of her actually, I mean I know I did a few easy options for fairly big parts of her but most avatars evolve over time so I'm sure she'd develop into something a little more exotic and unique. For one so young, I think she looks pretty respectable.

So what are you all waiting for? Get gender bending and post your photos in the Flickr group. People tagging their shots "Flash Made Me Do It" (or Flashette) can go to sleep knowing they made me smile. Let's show those silly maths folk we rock!


Miyoko Magic said...

/me cries. What did you do with Flash you evil girl, give him back to us!!!

Flash said...

Flashette has gone home again, it is just I, Flash, once more!

Miyoko Magic said...

ah phew, I had my pink plastic hammer ready in case...