Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bang Bang! Hunting time!

Hiya!! Where is... Hunt has really good prizes and just wanted to show you a little bit (though noone will be able to beat that granny on her bikinis posted by Claire before lmao)


From the hunt completely FREE:
Skin by
Al Vulo, I heart these skins.. and this one makes me wanna play anything lol
Top by Candydoll awesome letter texture, kind of vintage look because of the color
Baggy pants by
[NV], yow yow! Feels pretty comfy


Free waititng for you to hunt them:
Skin by
FILTHY, so sexy and yummyliciousss, I heart the eyeliner
Shirt by
Arnadi, female and male version... cool shirt
Mouthy glass by
Needful Things, part of the prize cute item
Plugs and piercings from
Nox, I'm wearing them as earrings cuz I think I should change my ears to make them look as plugs but anyway they look way too cool!

Free out of the Hunt:
Pants by
M2M, SOM gift, don't know if they're available for new SOM members but you should try it!

Here's a closeup of the skin, plugs and piercings:


And there's a lot more for you to discover in this hunt, so happy hunting!! Wear your primless outfit!!! haha

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Flash said...

I tried beating her off but she kept coming, it was horrible! :-)