Sunday, May 15, 2011

Never coming home


Hello... could love go beyond war?? I think it could... this post reminds me of a song called The Ghost of you by My Chemical Romance listen to it!... How did I get to this? ha! C'est la vie is giving until May16th this outfit suitable for boys and girls (It comes with two pants options), it's a FREE opening gift for Team A.S.H Sim, it's limited so hurry up!!

I took the chance to use this
Love Me Brutal pose that I got for FREE for the Summer Night Hunt, it's called suriko leimes. dirty dancing.

And following with the couple poses I remembered I had this from
Magnifique, also FREE for the Perfect Couple Hunt, it's called Warm Embrace.


Have you seen the background of my pics? It's the new Tableau Vivant FREE Group Gift, and it comes with beautiful male and female poses, this is an upcoming store from the owners of Glam Affair so OF COURSE expect original and gorgeous stuff from Tableau Vivant (french for Living Picture). Love it! Visit the blog to know about the gran opening!

Here are some poses, not all of them:


Find the group joiner at Culture Shock.

The male skin & shape my boy is using are the new release from
JesyLilo called Ali Tanskin J1. Thank you so much Lilo Glom, lovely as always!.


Peace and love ppl!


Anonymous said...

thanks for wearing ::C’est la vie!::’Clothes❤

Anonymous said...

Aw you're welcome! My pleasure! <3