Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh my deer!


Hiiiiii today I want to show you a FREE look, from head to toe!!

There's a hunt going on at Oh My Stars sim (Elliot & Billy) called April showers birng May flowers, the price of each hunt gift varies from 0L to 10L.
!SyDS! prize is 1L, and though it's blonde and not my regular color I like the flowers on it, gorgeous.

My outfit is the new FREEBIE from
G&N store, it comes with a pink sweater version too and flats.

and be ready OMG when I read on my mail that I had a gift from
Pixel Mode I just left everything and signed on lmao, and to my surprise there wasn't ONE FREE PAIR BUT TWO FREE PAIRS OF SHOES!!! These are the Fae Wedge, the other ones are yummy white pumps. I heart this store because it has the only hud skin I can actually fit with mines, and it's super easy for me to handle (I'm kind of dummy on it so this hud is a HUGE help)

So here they are in a close up with the cutest deer ever XD.

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