Friday, May 27, 2011

Digging For Bait

One of my dirty little secrets is my love of [BAIT]. I say dirty because... well, have you seen that place? Even the doorman throws beer over you! But it really is a great store to visit with a lot of really fun and stylish offerings. Now being the cheapo that I am I love the assorted gifts and goodies, I picked up a rather stylish Bossman short and tie this morning for just 5L, and thanks to the lucky chair and prize boards I also won a "Got Pride" shirt and some SLexy hip piercings (no I'm not trying to sound like I was in a 60s jazz band, they really pierce your hip). Al wonderful items that were I a more organised and efficient person who wasn't sitting around going "It's Friday, do I have to be a grown up?" I'd joyously blog too. But I'm whiney and lazy, so you just get the May group gift, Buried.

Digging For Bait

Yep, I love [BAIT] jeans. Sure, some give me breezy buttocks but these ones cover from ankle to hip so you can even wear them around polite people. The shirts? Unfortunately it's all one layer but it's free so I can't grumble, and they go together well anyway; crazy black skull kinda covered by a nice polite white shirt.

This is pretty much formalwear at [BAIT] and it works well, I get to look socially acceptable without being overly fussy. This outfit could have uses...

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