Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flash's Tiddler

Someone stole my photo for an advert! Okay, "stole" may be a bit harsh if I'm honest, what with "someone" being my good lady Lyrilen and her telling asking me about it. See, she runs a photo gallery called Show Me Yours and was planning a pet exhibit, so she got all excited when I blogged myself drowning in pets. As you do.

But despite using me in her adverts I rarely actually give her photos to display (a boy needs to get his blog on don't ya know?), but she told asked me to today, for the Pet Show obviously! Lucky for me, I've been all hyped up about the Skate N Surf Hunt (which you should be seeing more of as I get time to unpack everything) and one of the gifts was a wetsuit from the good folks at subVersion! Perfect for playing with my pet Tiddles!

Flash And Fish

Now people say that goldfish have a 3 second memory. Unfortunately Tiddles wanted to play for more than 3 seconds so I started to struggle to breathe which got kinda important kinda fast. Luckily back in days of yore I picked up some goggles on a hunt at Reek, which sounds great until you realise eye protection doesn't actually help you breathe. But doubly lucky I have a snorkel from the lucky board at Kibas (the goggles there were a bit small for me though, hence the mix 'n' match to compliment the Skate N Surf [Edit to add: They may have a resizer script that I missed in my excitement so...]) so finally I could play and breathe!

So why not try the Skate N Surf hunt. But if any of you trying hunting Tiddles there will be trouble!

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Lyrilen said...

Packed full of information (including some about my communication style when it comes to photos...) and wonderfully entertaining. Thank you!