Friday, February 26, 2010

D&V Creations 60L Sunday sale 27/28 Feb

Veronica from D&V Creations just keeps coming up with some amazing deals for you all. Today she is offering this wonderful hand crafted wood arbor set. The arbor has curtains on three sides that are olive green and sheer with a leafy patten, you can open and close them with just a touch. It comes with two matching chairs and a great bench swing, with beige-ish tan cushions and throw pillows. Each chair and the swing also have a lovely large patterned, flowered throw well as very cool male and female, 19 combined, or single and couple, 26 combined, animated poses. Be sure to touch select seat when using the bench to choose your gender for the poses. The bench swing attaches to the roof with ropes on either side attached to the arms. You will also get a matching plaid rug, square coffee table with one carved center leg, and a gray and white marble vase with lovely multi-colored tulips in pink, fuchsia, maroon, orange, and yellow. All pieces come separately so you can arrange them as you wish, use all pieces or just a few.

If you saw the pool last weekend, or any of the previous sale items for that matter, you know that Veronica takes great pride in her craftsmanship of each piece. The wood in this is very life like and detail oriented; as well, the colors and patterns she uses go well together and are soothing on the eyes. I have not seen one of her pieces yet that would not add elegance and style to any home. This set is also available in tan and blue at regular price if you want a different color. So step up into luxury with this wonderful arbor set from D&V Creations, you will not be disappointed.

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