Friday, February 19, 2010

Kabuki Creations 60L Sunday, and now Saturday too sale

I just don't see how anyone can refuse to go pick up all the poses that Kabuki Creations has to offer in these sales, and this weekend's pose is no different. It is called "With Loving Care" and is just the sweetest animated pose. The animations are just adorable, the avi on their tummy rubs the other's head with their hands, moves their own head with passion, and kicks their feet with the excitement of it all...while the avi on their back purses their lips to receive the sweet kisses and moves their hands against their tummy to try to quiet the butterflies.

When I see this pose I imagine my sweetie stretched out in front of a roaring fire reading one of his favorite books. His eyes start to get droopy as he relaxes more and more with the warmth of the fire seeping into his bones. I notice the book fall from his hands and move over to pick it up, but as I gaze at his sexy form laying there in slumber I can not resist laying down above his head and giving his luscious lips a soft sweet kiss. Of course this wakes him up and he starts kissing me back, but that just can not be helped. *grins and wiggles her butt* Where it goes from there you will just have to find out for yourself.
Head on down to Kabuki Creations and grab this awesome pose for only 60L, and don't forget to look around at all of Naku's other great poses. *whispers* Kabuki is also participating in 7 hunts right now, so be sure to keep your eyes open.

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