Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paradisis Valentine's Market $50 Specials*

All items $50 on display..

I love Paradisis which offers high quality, hand drawn, multi-layered silky loveliness in the form of tight fitting mini dresses & detailed lingerie sets etc. This shop offers lots of style & the creator is also extremely generous! The shop is filled with tons of gifties, a wonderful red lingerie on the MM board, and various camping chairs. I like the lovely Honey Rosewood Lingerie set above which is part of Paradisis Valentine's Market Special* (all at $50). Find it in one of the stalls outside shop with other participating designers. I have included a pic of the display board above which shows some of the items on offer (all at $50). Oh, and these mini dresses have this cute little rose tattoo above a partially exposed nip. Very cute!


~Honey Rosewood Lingerie Set @ Paradisis ($50 Valentine's Special)

~Sweet Lady Hair @ HairShop Junwave

~Aurora Eyes @ Poetic Colours (New! + Free!)

~Eva Skin @ Tuli (Group Gift $250 join fee)

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