Saturday, February 6, 2010

~Great Gifties @ Kitsune Couture (KC) plus Hair SALE (hair packs from $19!)

Cute ringlets in the Bandana "Hanky" Hair

For those unfamiliar with Kitsune Couture, she makes fantastic hair which can be seen above (the short, black, glossy pony style with bangs & the "hanky" hair). Both are gifties. In addition, she has a free outfit in a gift pack which contains a variety of mix & match buttoned tops & patterned stockings with a damask style skirt if you fancy ringing the changes & adding a little English eccentricity to your look. Yes, the English are fond of patterned stockings which they wear with wellies ;).
KC are participating on the SIM Wide Valentine's Hunt which must be fun to try (8 stores in all so not too taxing!). OMG I forgot to mention Hair SALE! Packs from $19!
~KC Hair @ Pink Button Top(Gifties) @ KC
~Silver Gogo Boots @ Kakaue (MM Gift)
~Silver Sequin Jean @ Kush
~Pink Fuel Skin in Skye @ Valentines Bazaar ($50 special until 17 Feb)
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