Friday, February 26, 2010

Shameless Bits 60L Sunday sale 27/28 Feb

Beautiful white lace beach hut with cuddles from Shameless Bits, this is just so pretty and a great place to cuddle.

From Shameless: Thinking of white sands, beaches, umbrella drinks, the ocean air blowing through your hair, and a special someone to cuddle up next to? Here it is!! This is a beautiful beach hut complete with cuddle pillows for you and that someone special to put sparks in the air!! It is done in black and white to give the stylish appearance.

Aww, this is a very sweet little hut, I love the sheer curtains, makes you feel all cocooned in and ready to snuggle with your loved one. The black and white colors add elegance and style, and the big fluffy pillows make it look so very inviting. I'm going to curl up in there right now and go to This lite version comes with two super cute chat poses, and a very exciting kissing/cuddle pose. This would be perfect on the beach, on a deck, or in a garden. Just imagine curling up inside with a good book as the light spring breeze fluffs the curtains and the sounds of nature lull you as you immerse yourself in the writer's imagination. I can't think of a more perfect place to read than this. I took a few other pictures for you in different lighting, see how pretty it is?

It's only 24 prims and Hustle on over to Shameless Bits and pick this up for 60L, you can't go wrong.

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