Saturday, February 6, 2010

Palais - 60L Sunday 6/7 Feb sale

Palais has the best Note card Library Bookshelves in my opinion, I want to build a library room and fill it with Of course I am a HUGE reader, which is why I love to write so much. These have a good amount of books on the shelves without being over crowded, leaving room to put nick knacks. And they are touch activated, so just by touching you can choose any book you want to read. You can also load any books you want into the menu, simply and easily.

They are modifiable, so don't worry if they don't match your wall color, just change it. And also TRANSFERABLE, making perfect gifts for the book lovers you know. And OMG, you get three with each purchase. Yes, that's three bookshelves for only 60L. That's such a good deal I almost peed my pants...haha, just kidding, really. It looks like now is my time to stock up on these so I can build that library. *looks off into the distance, her mind wandering to the large yet cozy room that will serve as the best stocked library in the world, her eyes lighting up as she imagines all the titles her fingers will lovingly caress each and every day as she wanders around, breathing deeply of the leather, paper, and glue smell you can only get from wonderfully old and well loved books*
See you at Palais

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