Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kabuki Creations - 60L Sunday 6/7 Feb sale

Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm, this animated pose hurt me soooo good when Naku introduced it back in November at Kabuki Creations. I think he's bringing it out for the sale on purpose. He knows I've been sick and this pose just sends shivers down my spine. I guess he thinks if he heats up my blood pressure I'll get better Well this is certainly one way to heat up my blood pressure! God, having a man's warm lips softly kissing the sensitive skin on the back of my shoulder. *shudders uncontrollably* Wow, my whole body just got goosebumps. *closing my eyes as I feel his hands moving over my stomach, my own hands moving along the top of his thighs, squeezing as the butterflies build inside me, my body tightening more than the string on a drawn bow, ready to explode with pent up desire*

If I did not already have this pose *fans herself* NO WAY could you keep me out of Kabuki this weekend. I expect every single one of you to get over to the store and grab at least one of these poses. Feel free to grab more as they are TRANSFERABLE and you can give them to friends. Now there are some of you out there, and you know who I am talking to, that could pull me away from my rough work schedule if you told me you had this pose waiting for me. *wiggles her butt and thinks there may be a stampeed at Kabuki Creations this weekend* LOL No, I'm not that vain, I just know what a great pose this is.

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