Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Many Faces of Valentines Pt 1 The Break up

We all know that Valentine's day is promoted as a day for lovers. We also know that there are many states that love can be in. Valentines day is not always candy and flowers for us all.

To the left to the left ..... we all know that song. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and just end it. You know you cannot bear to even see anything that reminds you of him so out comes the box. All the jaded love songs, pics of happier times and the love letters full of lies .. along with that stoopid bear he won for you at the fair tucked in, don't forget the note to soften the blow featuring my personal fave break up line.. "it's not you.." . Haha!! If you find yourself in need of finding some quick closure swing by Agent Orange and pick up this funny as hell V-day Breakup Box. Funny that is unless you are on the receiving end of things. Dressed for the occasion because breaking up is hard to do I am wearing the super comfy and casual my broken heart set (pink) by rbcg. One of quite a few little gems I picked up at the Valentine's Bazaar. The Valentine's Bazaar is a collective of some great designers offering some great special items that are only 50L and less from what I could see, be sure to check it out. Also from the Bazaar this sweet [PF] Skye - Pink Sugar skin in Milk from Pink Fuel the one here is the flushed option 50L. Topping off this look this fun Gattina - Cream from .:[ Tiny Bird ]:., with big can rollers perfect for when you don't feel like being bothered. Whew... I am glad that is over now we can all move on.... stay tuned for the next face of valentines..


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