Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get the look.....

If you are looking for a stylish dress which can be worn two ways then you might like this gorgeous Champagne Dress @ Pounce, currently on special offer for only $50! It might interest you to know that the same dress in pink sells for $269 which I think is still a snippet of a price for the quality you get (which is "awwes" as Tesh says). It's a simple yet sophisticated style with added little touches such as the "fuzzy boa" & bracelet...I hope you like it! I love to feature smaller labels & I am happy to pay $50 for an item which clearly is worth so much more. It's a great way of supporting & encouraging creativity. I added long dark hair in a pony tail by Sweet Faces to soften the look a little...

A little more formal but not too flouncy....

Oh btw..this is a great shop which also has a lovely lingerie set on MM. Not to mention the casuals sets for dudes. Really cool clothes & very affordable. There is a fantastic hoodie for blokies (new release) for only $1. I will certainly be taking my male friends shopping there (particularly Arth whose old hoodie I suspect may just have to be surgically removed... :))

~Champagne Dress @ Pounce ($50 Special)
~Eva Skin @ Tuli (Group Gift $250 Join fee)
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