Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cupcakes + Boon + Curious Kitties + Feral

What do you collect ? If you collect skins.. then I have to mention the 2nd 1000L club at Cupcakes. Here are some of the skins in the box. They have a more earthy feel and I am just in love with the eyes makeup in this first image.

Hair : new release from Boon

Skin is from the Genius III line and also comes in another version without the tribal eyes. There are 6 tones and four options for each tone.

1000L club skin 2

The next skin is from the Allure line and also comes with a different eye option.

1000L club skin 1
Hair : Curious Kitties group gift 0L

Remember, these skins won't be available afterwards... so grab them while you can. There are more skins in the box.. don't miss out !

Sexy outfit from Feral. I camped for this a while back but when I visited again.. I couldn't find the camp chair. Price 700L. However there are MM boards and lucky chairs.

1000L club skin 3

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