Friday, June 11, 2010

Kabuki Creations, 12/13 June 60L sale

As always, Kabuki Creations brings you two wonderful animated poses for the 60L sale. The first is called "Without You", and it's such a sweet animation. You can just hear her saying, "I never wanna be without you", and him saying "I'd be nowhere without you, babe". Your sweetie cradles you in his arms, holding you tightly against him as your hand moves around his shoulder and across his neck, your other hand moving up to caress his face as you kiss passionately. *sighs softly* How romantic is that?

And I can't forget the second pose, "Safest Place". And Mmmmmm, isn't the safest place you know in your lover's arms? It sure is for me. *shivers* Straddle your lover's hips as he puts his arms around you, your hands caressing him as you press against his body and kiss him deeply, your hearts pounding as one. What better way to show your lover that you don't ever want to be anywhere else but in their arms?

Naku really knows how to get to a woman's heart, and he's certainly done it again with both of these amazing poses. Rush over to Kabuki Creations and pick up both of these sweet poses for just 60L each.

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