Friday, June 25, 2010

Ear Candy, 26/27 Jun, 60L sale

Maeve is bringing you two more lovely jewelry sets from Ear Candy for just 60L each this weekend. They are called "Just Breathe" and you can get them in gold or silver. They come with a necklace, earrings, and two different style bangles for each wrist. You get a necklace with three lovely strands of beads, two in solid gold and one strand with a darker whimsical pattern..the pattern is also followed in the large drop pendant at the end of the necklace. The has also used the same gorgeous pendant in the earrings. And I just love how they are large enough to see through my long hair!

The bangles for your right wrist use smaller versions of the pendant as one bracelet, then are combined with three solid gold metal bracelets attached with a band using the patterned design. The bangles for your left wrist combine two larger bracelets, one using the same patterned gold and one with a different pattern, also 5 different colored smaller bracelets and a chain bracelet that matches the chain hoops in the necklace.

These sets are beautiful to wear with almost any outfit, especially since you can get gold, silver, or both! Again great options for mixing and matching. I can tell you I will be turning heads at the bar tonight. I'll be fighting off the men and definitely having to tell them to "Just Breathe". *winks* Just look how these jewels set off the outfit I chose to wear tonight.

Don't you agree the men are in trouble? *grins* See you at Ear Candy this weekend!

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