Friday, June 18, 2010

Kabuki Creations, 19 & 20 Jun, 60L sale

Stop by Kabuki Creations this weekend and make it possible to get closer to the one you love. Naku has two great poses on sale for 60L each, first is called "Listening". How sweet is it for you each to lay with your head on the other's shoulder, your hand caressing their hair and neck as you gaze into each other's eyes and tell your deepest secrets? It's such a sweet and relaxing position, and after all, if you can't tell the one you love your biggest secrets, who can you tell?

The next pose to bring you closer to your loved one is "Why Love You So". Have your lover lay in your lap, feeling the warmth of your thighs as you caress their hair and chest, looking them straight in the eye as you tell them all the reasons you love them. And of course you can have them reciprocate when you are done making them feel like a king or queen. This is also an awesome pose just to comfort someone you think may need or want it. Imagine having a bad day and your lover or close friend pulling your head into their lap as they listen to everything you have to say. Who wouldn't love a friend like that?

As always, the poses are animated, you can show or hide the pose balls, sync movements, and are easily adjustable. Naku thinks of everything when he's making his awesome poses for you all! Head over to Kabuki Creations this weekend and pick up these two lovely poses.

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