Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vita's Boudoir @ The Black and Blue Fair

Here is another quick look at some of the finds at the Black and Blue Fair for mental health awareness.

Brainstorming Boudoir is just one of the wildly creative gowns you can find from Vita's Boudoir. Vita does haute couture with an elegant femme feel. You can't help but feel beautiful when you are in something she has made.


If you also have the time, you can also find her at the Zombie Popcorn Carnaval where she has a 0L gift out. :) That even ends June 30th.

vita 2

Previously blogged :

vita boudoir

Brainstorming Boudoir : 850L
Feather Dress : 550L
Hair : Vanity Hair 1L, previous release gift

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