Friday, June 18, 2010

Ear Candy, 19 & 20 Jun, 60L sale

Congo anyone? Maeve and I say yes! For 60L this weekend you get a choice of silver or copper Congo inspired jewelry from Ear Candy. You will get a cool set of shades, a necklace, earrings, and two different bangles. The size and design of these pieces will put you in mind of the Congo...big, bold, and strong. I love the spiral affect she's created in the earrings, necklace and one of the bangles. It puts me in mind of the Kayan tribes women that used coils of copper to stretch their necks to make themselves less desirable to avoid becoming slaves. That's one of the theories anyway, now-a-days they would just take their machete's and chop off...uh, never mind. *laughs* The boldness of these pieces come from Maeve's creative use of the materials more than texturing.

The scalloped effect of the necklace is great, rustic but elegant at the same time. The bangles are larger and, as always, give you contrasting colors, shapes, and textures that compliment each other so well. The sunglasses are two toned, a great shape, and frame your eyes very well...and what self-respecting woman would go to the Congo with out a pair? You can buy a set to wear as one, or mix the pieces with your other favorite accessories. You can also buy both sets and mix them together, the black in each set makes them very interchangeable!

Just be careful when you are floating down the Congo River with this beautiful jewelry on, wouldn't want you to get mugged at spear point, or have a crock mistake the flash of your jewels for a tasty treat. *winks* Don't miss out on these inspiring sets, see you at Ear Candy.

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