Saturday, June 12, 2010

Violent Seduction

What to expect at Violent Seduction ? Original sculpted Gothic Lolita designs that are just must have !

I stongly suggest that you stop by and try your luck at the lucky chairs at Violent Seduction, one is set at 2 mins.. the other at 30 mins. Here is just one of the items that you can win in the 30 min chair.

violent seduction 3

Hair : Darkerside (CAHH hunt gift, no longer avail.)
Skin : Ugly Duck Group gift (250L join fee)

While you are stalking the chairs, you might want to check out the The Dark Princess Gown. There are 3 dress options, Long, Short and Cage included. The gown comes in other colors so if black is not your thing... drop by the shop and have a look. I had to adjust the prims to fit, mostly the corset but it was well worth it in the end. I really like the rich textures she used on the gown. Price : 500L

violent seduction

Hair : Sky Everett Designs (CAHH 2010 hunt, no longer avail.)
Skin : Atomic Bambi Le Cirque Special Edition (not free but paid 50L a while back)

violent seduction 2

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