Monday, June 14, 2010

Whippet & Buck Bikini + S@BBIA & D!VA Hair Group Gifts!

This pretty, frilly, floral *Bikini *set is from Whippet & Buck (part of Fifty Linden Friday). I love bikinis so couldn't resist! However in truth, the bikini was also worn to model the floral flip flops* from *In Her Shoes* (free!). This is a fantastic set not least cos they have a colour change menu and literally tons of color options at your disposal! Super quality & worth an inclusion to your summer wardrobe. Thank you to Rachel Boram for her huge generosity of spirit. All her creations are free & she works tirelessly to produce some fabby pieces. Please tip if you can (and spread the word especially to newcomers into SL).

The Haruka* Hair* (in Rhodolite) is the latest Group Gift from D!VA. Comes in two versions & several color options. Lovely tones in this hair....ooohh.... and the little animated *Birds* are from Happymoods which "tweet" at regular intervals..aren't they cute?! The birds are copiable so you can scatter several around your home or garden & create a bird's chorus of tweets..giggles*.
The stripped blue & black *Dress* below is the latest Group Gift from S@BBIA (here is link: which together with the *Floral Pumps* (also free @ S@BBIA) make a nice minimal unfussy look. There are also some lovely lucky boards @ S@BBIA (but it just wasn't my day for them today! Grins*). The curvy *Shape* is Chynna Petite Special @ Curvy Silhoeuttes Shapes. Skin Taylor @ League in Pale Apricot. Cosmic Dream Eyes @ Poetic Colors (Free!). All poses Everglow.

That's it for now folks! Have fun and see you soon!

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