Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Curious Kitties + Cupcakes + Lingerie Boutique

Ever since I was a little girl, one of my dreams was to live like a Mermaid. Those enchanted creatures that live and breath in the sea. Was it the tail, the adventures, the fairytale that seduced me ? I don't know.. but I just longed to be a Mermaid.

curious kitties

Curious Kitties created a wonderous Mermaid avatar that brought back all those childhood dreams. Now, these are nothing like the ones I was dreaming about (um... 30 years ago).. mine were more childlike... these are much more sophisticated with a beautiful asian inspired look and the hair is the unique style that we love about Curious Kitties.

curious kitties 2
Top : Lingerie Boutique (not free)

The tail has a built in ao. Awesome ! And an optional bubble particle attachement.
Price : 4000L for the complete avatar (skin, shape, hair, particles, animations, eyes)

They also have a great group gift. Nyanotech 09-2B Hair - farrion V2. You'll need your group tag to get the gift. Join fee is 0L. They also have a wall full of free items :)

Skin is Cupcakes previous 1000L club... but a new club is presently underway with a "Hippie/Earthy/Natural" theme from the Blossom, Fantasy and Genius III lines.

curious kitties 3

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