Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shooting star hunt + Cupcakes + U&R Dogs

If you have just a little time to spare, do the fun Shooting Star hunt that ends June 15th.

It's a cute little hunt and not like the others. First, find the shooting moving shooting star and type "/7 catch" .. that's /7 (space) catch ... when the shooting star comes close to you and you will receive a folder with the hunt prize with the next lm. Real easy !!

Great hunt for the guys as well, some items are unisex or male.

Here are some of the items on the hunt.. starting point is Here. I'm not going to tell you where I got these, it's sooooo simple and only about 20 stores. (Awwwwwww...)

Skin is from the 1000L club at Cupcakes (might still be available)

shooting star 2

shooting star 4

shooting star 1

shooting star 3
Nails : 10 min. camp at U&R Dogs (for group update members)

Everything else is from the hunt.

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