Friday, March 12, 2010

Freebie Fashionista 1K member celebration

As most of you know we recently hit 1000 members in our Freebie Fashionista in-world group. Many great designers sent gifts to help us celebrate. I would like to show you just a few more of the great things that we were spoiled with, a lot of this stuff is still available in the group notices, so check them out. I enlisted the help of group memebers Cindy Gedenspire, KeishaMeiAsh Kontucci, Brianna Vintner, and LadyGwenhwyfarrose Nightfire.

First up on Cindy,this sexy little Vickie (Toffee) dress from group fav A Piece of Candy. This hot little number is fully sequined in warm tones that weaved into a very intricate pattern, with just a touch of turquoise to really make it pop. This classic body hugging design is sure to flatter every figure.

Next up on Keisha, Lemania Indigo Designs -Giorgio Silver Lame Coat(Shoes included). Gorgeous silver lame coat dress with black furry collar, this great gift comes complete with shoes. A very classy and sophisticated feel to this one

I am wearing the #317 Wetherby's Fruity Dress, with classic cut and fun design great dress for spring and also Lillith shape that was group gift from Too Shy, ( I adjusted the junk in the trunk for this dress with the system skirt) great gifts from 2 of our most generous designers.

Brianna here is so cute in pink 1K Freebie Fashionista dress from Adoring Charms. The dress that might not be available anymore but Tinka, did recently send out some great shoes, that are still in the notices. I love the sparkly top to this dress and it has some great detailing, Brianna also showcases Amy Shape* Special FF Giftie from CURVY SILHOUETTES SHAPES.

Last but certainly not least, Lady wearing [LeeZu!] Magdalena Gift for FF, a lovely dress from my personal favorite designer in sl and in a special color for my group that happens to be my favorite, doesn't get any better than this.

All poses in this shoot from *Kabuki Creations ~ Model Pose 1 V and 2V, a awesome group gift that is no longer available as a gift, but are on sale in the shop.

I would like to thank.... a piece of candy, Adoring Charms, Black Moon Haute Couture, CandyDoll , Creative Insanity, CURVY SILHOUETTES SHAPES, DIVINITY, Dressing Aphrodite, Ear Candy, Fabu, Imani, Kabuki Creations, KinJi, [LeeZu!], Lemania Indigo, Sweeter than Candy, Too Shy, Trixxy's Shop , Wetherby's, and everyone else for participating in this celebration, for all the support and most importantly sharing with us the gift of their talents.

I would like to thank the 1000+ members of Freebie Fashionista, this group is for you!!

Rl constraints kept me from doing the kind of post I wanted on these items to really showcase them so don't take my word of it, take a closer look at the pic and be sure to check them out on your own while you can


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